Real estate stock market

Buy or sell real estate online

Street50  is a real estate trading platform. the idea is that a real estate property can be like a company and break into small pieces. thus creating a “house stock” that users can buy and sell their shares in a property, get a monthly dividend from rent and sell when the stock goes up making a profit

One for the trade and one for the market

The platform was built from two pieces, street50 – the trading platform, here you can buy and sell stocks, see the properties, and build your real estate portfolio. the second part is the real estate stock market. here you can see all the stocks that trade in real time. also, all buy and sell orders and stock insights.

First, the landing page

In order for users to get to know street50’s product, the challenge was to explain easily the concept on the landing page. we divided the page into four simple steps: choose a property, buy shares, earn rent money, sell and profit!

On boarding

When a user first logs into the platform, we realize that we need to focus him. after user testing, we discovered that the location is of major importance, so we ask the user a simple question – “where do you want to invest?”


On this page, a user can see all the stocks (properties) in the location he selected. he can see stats, graphs, prices and also a quick view on the property. from here you can buy shares and become a real estate investor

property page

The property/stock page is very unique due to the fact that we needed to see both stock finance info, market cup, stock values etc. and also property info, pictures, landmarks and transportation in the area the can affect the property value.

Buy shares

In the buy pop-up, the user can choose between two different types of the buy order. “how much do you want to invest” is the easiest one, set price and buy at market price. the second option was a bit more challenging. the user gets the option to set his own share price and we show him matching prices after agreeing the transaction will execute.

User dashboard

From the user dashboard, you can do multiple actions: buy, sell, follow your stocks and more

50x Exchange

All of the street50 trades go to the 50x Exchange stock market. here you can follow all stocks and buy/sell orders.


In order to satisfy regulation, we had to monitor all the market orders and track frauds. we designed a monitor system for a fraud officer.