It’s all about your stay

Stay.com is a new marketplace for both leisure and business travelers to book professionally managed accommodations around major European cities.
As head of UX&UI at stay.com, the challenge was to create a simple but innovative platform which is relevant and easy to use. After conducting a comprehensive user based research, we tried to define simple guidelines such as: “location is everything” and “every house is a hotel” in order to create a simple but yet a unique platform.

Some changes…

When we lunch the website we notice that a lot of people don’t walk throw the planed flow – landing page – map page – room page and that’s hearts the conversion.   we change the page and place the property thumbnails after the fold. users start to use the search more and arrived to the map page and the conversion went up.

It’s all about the location

The importance of location while searching for a place to stay is huge. while other products place little significance to the map, we put the map in the center. in every search, you see your location and make a location-based decision for your next stay

Easy to use

3 simple Steps flow for your stay: search on the map, select dates, pay.

Every house is an hotel

When a user enters a house page, he gets a unique experience, every house has a different look and feel but maintains the same logic and UX. this way hosts can be unique and provide their guests a hotel experience in their homes and differ from other hosts.

Become a host

Become a host with a step by step wizard. a few small steps and your home is ready for your guests

Manage your listing

Hosts can manage their listings with a detailed personal area. they can edit, see stats, change prices, rules and many more…