“Pass it to the best kisser i know”

PassIt is a mobile game version of the common children game “pass the parcel”. the design concept was to maintain the wrapping feel from the physical world and transfer the tearing feel to the digital one. the look and feel are young and fun appealing to young users. a big challenge in the concept was to insert various brands into the design (sponsors) without harming the look and feel of the game

Start up your game

See all parcels that now being passed and join them or create your own parcel!

Create new parcel

Step by step wizard to create a new game. choose  a theme, sponsor, friends and many more

Unwrapping experience

When hitting the “unwrap” button, tearing animation reveals the next screen and maintain the paper behavior from the physical world

Where is the parcel now?

See parcel route, comment, like and more, follow all layers till the end