Web & Mobile design
IDF Mitgaysim

“Let’s make it more fun”

IDF Mitgaysim project is a website and mobile app that every 17 years old in Israel will come across. because of that and the uncertainty prior to the draft, we wanted to clarify the draft process. until this project, the IDF was very strict and old-fashioned in its digital products and design language and we changed it to something more light and fun

Every step has its own world

The design concept was that every one of the five steps throughout the draft process has its own world, colors and drawing elements. the map above shows the user where he is in the process and what “worlds” he needs to complete.

First stop – Tzav Rishon

This is the first step in the process. every step contains the actions user needs to complete and proceed to the next one.

Step 2 –¬†Questionnaire

A Few more steps

Open site

This section is open to the public, it contains a lot of info – army careers, galleries, articles and many more. we kept the fun design from the personal area with a more conservative approach for this one

Job page, personal info and article page